Disney Customer Service summary

Disney Customer Service summary:


Customer Service:


If you convince your customers they are loved, they will return. The harsh reality of most customer service programs, however, is that they focus on customer satisfaction, which is actually detrimental to your reputation.

Program Overview:

The Bullseye | 360 Analysis | Unifying Goal | Decision Tree

There’s a goal, a bullseye, a sweet spot when it comes to customers, and most companies assume their staff understands this goal. But if you ask, you’ll get a different answer from every employee because the vision and culture is unclear; it was never explained well during training. Customer satisfaction, most would say, is the goal. And that’s where most businesses fail. Customers want to be delighted and surprised, and the way to make that happen, every time, is to be sure your entire team understands one unifying, common goal. Can you imagine your entire staff doing “extra” even though they aren’t getting paid for it? It can happen with a system of decision-making techniques that are passed down to your staff, and Jeff walks you through step-by-step. One goal + decision-making matrix = customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.




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