It costs $800k

The Rosary Mario held during his open-heart surgery. i asked permission to photograph it.

Went to Mass alone yesterday.

Got in line for coffee and donuts even though i don’t do either.

Just wanted to participate in spiritual community.

Maybe 15 minutes in line talking with a friend, he and his Family get coffee and donuts and i decide which table to sit at amongst the 20 tables in the long, narrow room.

The closest table at the end of the donut tables was empty except for a middle-aged man i’ve never seen before.

A year ago to the day, he and his wife arrived from Dominican Republic to spend Christmas with his 28-year old only son.

Stomach pain landed him in the local hospital at 3:00 PM, and the doctors told him he needed open-heart surgery at 6:00 AM.

His heart was so bad, they said he’d soon die.

He didn’t have $800,000, nor insurance to cover the surgery.

His prognosis was only 15-20% he’d survive the surgery.

The hospital gave him the $800,000 operation and subsequent treatments and therapies for free.

A priest gave him last rights and a Rosary.

He asked the medical team if he could hold the Rosary in his hand during the surgery.

This is a story that can’t be made up.

i almost stayed home.

i almost skipped coffee and donuts.

i almost didn’t sit at Mario’s table.

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