Seems like common sense

On stage two nights ago, amongst the human cast, are a camel (left), a donkey (rightish), and five goats (middle). There was a newborn human baby too.
Newborn human baby. How? Even with ear protection the place was insanely loud.

Seems like common sense.


The more you do something the better at it you get.

Say, recording short business videos from observation coupled with time-tested, world-renowned Disney insight.

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It costs $800k

The Rosary Mario held during his open-heart surgery. i asked permission to photograph it.

Went to Mass alone yesterday.

Got in line for coffee and donuts even though i don’t do either.

Just wanted to participate in spiritual community.

Maybe 15 minutes in line talking with a friend, he and his Family get coffee and donuts and i decide which table to sit at amongst the 20 tables in the long, narrow room.

The closest table at the end of the donut tables was empty except for a middle-aged man i’ve never seen before.

A year ago to the day, he and his wife arrived from Dominican Republic to spend Christmas with his 28-year old only son.

Stomach pain landed him in the local hospital at 3:00 PM, and the doctors told him he needed open-heart surgery at 6:00 AM.

His heart was so bad, they said he’d soon die.

He didn’t have $800,000, nor insurance to cover the surgery.

His prognosis was only 15-20% he’d survive the surgery.

The hospital gave him the $800,000 operation and subsequent treatments and therapies for free.

A priest gave him last rights and a Rosary.

He asked the medical team if he could hold the Rosary in his hand during the surgery.

This is a story that can’t be made up.

i almost stayed home.

i almost skipped coffee and donuts.

i almost didn’t sit at Mario’s table.

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Who do you play for?


Who do you play for?

The American team had just lost an exhibition hockey game in Europe.

Coach Brooks had the team stay on the ice afterward – even as the crowd left and the arena lights were eventually shut off.

The drill was the same…

Assistant coach blows the whistle, team skates the “conditioning” drill and team lines back up to begin again.


Until someone correctly answered the question, “Who do you play for?”

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What is a miracle?

Sermon notes
Notes for a speech (circa 2011)


Sure, the number is well over one million people since 1999. Speaking adds up when you do it for career work, your Church, and your start-up business.

Yet it’s the audience from ages five to 10 – those spending their days in Kindergarten through fifth grade – that seem the most important to reach.

The seeds planted with them have extraordinary power.

Yet what seems like unlimited power to a young child begins fading at some point in life… and insidiously becomes defused and forgotten in adults.

Great to know exceptions still occur though.

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Everything Is A Miracle

Einstein Was Correct
Einstein Was Correct

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein

Attending Kevin’s funeral on Christmas Eve, this quote from Albert Einstein was printed on the cover of the funeral bulletin.

Have you ever been struck with a profound thought or observation, when you least expect it? When it’s presented in such a deceptively simple format – in this case, printed text?

One more thing struck me from attending Kevin’s funeral, but not until this very moment. Kevin’s son, maybe three years old, was there, of course. Estimating there were 300 people attending.

But the only other child I saw was the one in my arms most of the Mass.