You can’t do it all

Beach sunflower
One of my favorite flowers, the Florida beach sunflower.


You can’t do it all.

People who’ve neglected important things in their life (and there are a million reasons why), will have a reckoning at some point.

It’s happened to me and it will continue to happen to me.

Same for you.

i’m motivated to create a life as i age that won’t place stock on someone else helping me address the things i’m neglecting now because of the million excuses readily available.

That’s a leading cause for depression as we age – investing in things that change (but we didn’t plan on them changing). Our situation can change in an instant and if our life’s plan didn’t account for that, we’re sunk.

For example, as i get older, it would be stereotypical for me (as a parent) to think our son will help take care of me in my final years. So it’s tempting to not make difficult choices, like downsizing out of a lifelong residence into a senior facility. First because these choices are painful and second because it’s so much work.

Remember investing in things that change?

What if something tragic happens to my son (and wife)?

Odds are low but they are not zero.

Conclusion, plan on worst case scenario and rejoice when it doesn’t happen.

And remember that not being prepared is a regretful (and perhaps sinful) choice.




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