Diversity of perspective

White board at Glacier Park Lodge front desk yesterday.

Truth or dare.

If a person doesn’t have balance in their life, it is difficult (impossible?) for me to believe their espoused convictions.


If you can’t find harmony between mind, body, spirit, work, and home, you immediately tell me you struggle with the basics.

Therefore, unwavering spiritual convictions, for example, have me doubting your ability to see the diversity of other spiritual and religious dogmas.

A fundamental definition of love and compassion includes not judging others.

PS. While it may seem this post is judgemental, what i’m illuminating is a Christian tendency to subconsciously say all other religions are invalid.

Christians, now imagine an entire worldwide Muslim community implying that Jesus is not the world’s Savior.

That’s what it sounds like to our fellow humans when we say the only way to God is through Jesus.

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