Inspired living means what?

Another Minneapolis airport store front.

Inspired living means what?

It’s likely you’ll get a different answer for every person you ask.

What does the question mean to you?

My answer has changed several times over six decades.


Because as we learn, we also unlearn.

There are wonderfully unnecessary things i used to worry about or try to achieve.

The key, from my experience, is to refine your target – the proverbial meaning of life.

For the past decade i am convinced the target is two-fold:

  1. To love and be loved
  2. Peace and contentment

We all have to decide for ourselves and let our actions prove (to ourselves) our conviction.


Don’t settle. Search as long as it takes until you are certain. Be a noticer. Over-focus on life balance. Fall in love with your soulmate.

Remember, your meaning-of-life certainty will evolve through the years.

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