Tempers, anger, hate on high. Would it be safe?

Islamic Center of Orlando open house
Room filled with Parishioners from my Church a few miles north. Camera crew from Brazil. (not part of the normal agenda)


Islamic Center of Orlando
Josh, standing, top center led 30-minutes of Q&A before dinner. Imam top left, hand raised, addressing the group too. Both were wonderful. Our Son lower right green-plaid shirt.


Islamic Center of Orlando open house
Guest speaker, a Christian from Atlanta, who converted to Islam.


Islamic Center of Orlando open house
There was a nice presentation projected on the wall before dinner.


A few days ago sitting in Church, the Pulse Orlando tragedy was only a few hours old and the enormity hadn’t fully emerged, so when our Priest reminded everyone that Parishioners were invited to a Ramadan dinner celebration and Islamic presentation in three days (last night), i leaned over and asked our Son (15) if he’d like to go. He said yes.

As we walked to our car after Mass, i checked Twitter for an update – death toll at 20.


An hour after we got home, Twitter updated the number to 50 dead.

Please tell me this is just a bad dream.

i became afraid of the decision to attend.

Tempers, anger, hate on high. Would it be safe?

This passed and we looked forward.

Upon arrival, the teen had reservations and asked me to be attentive to our surroundings.

Already on it (but i didn’t tell him that).

We left feeling like we had made one of the best decisions in recent memory.




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