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Tempers, anger, hate on high. Would it be safe?

Islamic Center of Orlando open house
Room filled with Parishioners from my Church a few miles north. Camera crew from Brazil. (not part of the normal agenda)


Islamic Center of Orlando
Josh, standing, top center led 30-minutes of Q&A before dinner. Imam top left, hand raised, addressing the group too. Both were wonderful. Our Son lower right green-plaid shirt.


Islamic Center of Orlando open house
Guest speaker, a Christian from Atlanta, who converted to Islam.


Islamic Center of Orlando open house
There was a nice presentation projected on the wall before dinner.


A few days ago sitting in Church, the Pulse Orlando tragedy was only a few hours old and the enormity hadn’t fully emerged, so when our Priest reminded everyone that Parishioners were invited to a Ramadan dinner celebration and Islamic presentation in three days (last night), i leaned over and asked our Son (15) if he’d like to go. He said yes.

As we walked to our car after Mass, i checked Twitter for an update – death toll at 20.


An hour after we got home, Twitter updated the number to 50 dead.

Please tell me this is just a bad dream.

i became afraid of the decision to attend.

Tempers, anger, hate on high. Would it be safe?

This passed and we looked forward.

Upon arrival, the teen had reservations and asked me to be attentive to our surroundings.

Already on it (but i didn’t tell him that).

We left feeling like we had made one of the best decisions in recent memory.




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Please, let’s not tell each other we are wrong

Soccer ball and soccer foot
There is no, one, right way to play soccer, but teamwork is essential.


Read a fascinating article in which atheists explained what being an atheist means to them. Read about a dozen atheist profiles (provided in the article). Most talked about being happy and finding purpose in a life that has none.

Was reminded that my belief (and hope) is that no belief system would tell another that they are wrong.

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He said it so naturally and uninhibitedly

Teen friends visiting Epcot


Disney management Keynote Speaker


Disney management Keynote Speaker


Ryan, a Walt Disney World College Program Cast Member created a heart warming wow moment yesterday.

After dropping our son off with his friend at Epcot, there was some leisure, alone time to take a few photos.

This also led to purchasing a classic DVD, Tarzan.

After the sale, discovered there was no Cast discount, so in the moment, used Amazon to buy a much less expensive copy.

Then was directed by the Disney Merchandise Host to go to the other side of the shop to make an immediate return of the ‘expensive’ copy i had just purchased.

This is where a delightful exchange happened with Ryan. For starters he exuded Disney Gracious hospitality.

He answered the question stating, “After my internship I’m moving to New Orleans to be with my boyfriend”.

He said it so naturally and uninhibitedly. He was such a joyful and fearless person.

It was inspiring.

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It Gets Better video


Love is at the center of the human experience. No matter our spiritual beliefs, love is the common denominator. The supreme unifying precept.

Hate has never solved a single problem.

There’s a common sense premise that says if we can put a face and a name to the person (or thing) at the center of our beliefs, it’s better than if we can’t (or won’t).

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