Zealot’s do not budge

child watering flowers
This $2.00 K-Mart (remember K-Mart) poster reflects the vision i had of our home long before we became parents.

The classic zealot move is the move where you refuse to budge, refusing to accept any other view than your “etched in stone” view.

Can you imagine?

Of course.

Another classic zealot characteristic is believing you have no blind spots.

We clearly see the plank in other’s eye, yet we deny the plank in our eye.

This is bad news for all us us, trying to imagine our blindspots.

We all have blindspots.

The good news, you are in charge of the things you can control. You can over-focus on uncovering the truth about your blindspots. It may take a lifetime.

You are also in charge of completely letting go of the things you cannot control.

How cool is that?

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By jeff noel

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