Time (again) to look for flights to Kalispell

Grinnell Glacier Trail
We rounded the bend at the rock outcropping and almost walked into the Ram, who at the time was on the trail walking towards us. We quickly retreated before taking any photos. After this photo, we retreated even more.


Grinnell Glacier Hike
The Ranger-led hike caught up to us. We waited in stillness for 10 minutes before two hikers came from the opposite direction to give the “all-clear”.


Time (again) to look for flights to Kalispell.

May, June, July, August, and September.

Five trips.

This is the last Summer i’m planning to visit.


Because on paper, my 10-year goal to do everything in life i want to do before my 60th birthday has Summer 2018 as the final Summer available.

• • • • •

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