It’s been following me for a few days and needs to be addressed

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Goofy is as goofy does. Photo: Two days ago.


It’s been following me for a few days and needs to be addressed.

i can sense the personality differences between two people that are working closely with me.

There seems to be two obvious choices:

  1. Get stuck in the middle and become co-dependent.
  2. Stay out of it, but be clear that it needs to go away or someone will no longer fit on the team.

Hard choices.

At this point in life, clear expectations and clear accountability provide peace and contentment.

Life is too short to tolerate unprofessional behavior brought on by issues that are an adult’s responsibility to manage.

PS. Did i mention that in 10 days i turn 57. To remain true to a crazy, heretical dream, i will be living the final three years of a life redesigned to accomplish absolutely everything i want to accomplish based on an artificial deadline of my 60th birthday. This dream officially began on my 50th birthday, allowing for a decade to do everything in life without any regrets – using a “real” deadline to promote decision making (that would inevitably get postponed for “later”).




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