Sixteen acres, then 160 acres, then 27,443

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Did you know that Walt Disney’s original plan was to use 16 acres at the Disney Studios to create a sort of year-round carnival attraction?

The city council never approved the request.

Walt could have abandoned the idea, or he could have kept going.

He kept going and that led to 160 acres in Anaheim, what we now call Disneyland.

What he originally thought was plenty of land (ten times more than his first thought of using 16), also became far too little to hold all his ideas and dreams.

But he didn’t know what he didn’t know.

He became land-locked in Anaheim as all the available land got taken. This was unfortunate because Walt kept dreaming.

Walt could have accepted reality and stopped with Disneyland. It was, by all accounts, insanely popular with the American people. But no.

He quietly began purchasing 27,443 acres near Orlando.


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