What might have been gets forfeited through indecision

Florida turtle on sidewalk
Riding home from gym yesterday. Bike parked upper right against telephone pole.


Florida turtle on sidewalk
Rode past and then decided to stop and investigate.


Florida turtle on sidewalk
This thing is built to avoid touch from other creatures.


What might have been gets forfeited due to indecision.

It dawned on me yesterday that Cheryl and i have made generous offers and suggestions (over time) for others to visit and stay for extended periods of time.

At one point (20 years ago +-) we had blueprints sketched out for a mother-in-law apartment on our two-acre lot.

The reality is this, we get comfortable with our surroundings – the unknown and potentially better situation bring change, but the (scary) opportunity often gets trumped by familiarity and fear.

Change is scary, which is another way of saying opportunity is scary.

Opportunity often gets trumped by familiarity and fear.

Our options when an offered opportunity isn’t embraced?


You can offer, suggest, and or recommend.

But you must allow the other person(s) to make their decision.

When the decision isn’t what you feel is best (long-term), you must ride it out.

And wait.

And let it go.

Over time (years or decades later) it will likely play out unfavorably.

Should you feel guilty or sorry for the other’s missed opportunity?

The awkward (and correct) answer is “no”.

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