Who are you upsetting?

dead bird on sidewalk
It flew so effortlessly. Humans can only dream of what came so naturally.


dead mouse on sidewalk
A mouse is designed in such a marvelous fashion.


dead bird along highway
Such a beautiful creature. This bird and the mouse below where on my bike path home from the gym yesterday.


Dead mouse on sidewalk
Every creature is an exquisite masterpiece, including humans. Every creature dies. Humans often die while still living.


Who are you upsetting?

If you aren’t upsetting anyone, you’re not making an impact on the status quo.

i dare you to look me in the eye and tell me you adore mediocrity.

Maybe the only people you need to upset are your relatives who’ve slowly and quietly walked away from believing in a spiritual community – the same relatives who are becoming more fearful of death instead of seeing a new horizon with a glorious promise you can only realize through death – and a lifetime of gratitude, service, faith, hope, and love.

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