Speaker Video idea 3/5 – Details

Disney Leadership Speakers
Team photo at 7,500 feet elevation.


Disney Speaker jeff noel
Glacier National Park, on Hidden Lake Trail.


Disney Speaker jeff noel
Going to the Sun Mountain with a Summer dusting of snow.


Speaker Video idea 3/5 – Details:

What follows is simply a list of content details. Content is defined as a combination of short, fun, funny, powerful, important, unexpected, untraditional, entertaining, etc.

  1. Start film at Disneyland and end at Walt Disney World (or my home desk, or in my bed awakening from a dream?)
  2. Use friends as extras to ask the common questions jeff always gets asked and also answer the ones no one asks
  3. Could theme off of Alice in Wonderland…i’m late for a very important date (client call or client meeting, or maybe a keynote speech) and i rush there to complete the journey
  4. Possible use of “text on video” to ask questions instead of having “extras”
  5. Example scene: Two people at Disney pool are talking about “this “Orlando Based Disney Keynote Speaker” and one says, “Well, he must be a Disney expert…i heard he worked at Disney for over 20 years.” Then i pop out of the water (nearby, edge of pool or something, or coming off a pool slide) and shout, “Over 30 years.”
  6. Possible scene of me as Jungle Cruise passenger with a content point (text over video?)
  7. Etc

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