Flexible, because it’s a habit

Community commercial center
Not Church. Or is it?

Arrived 30 minutes before massage appointment. Walked from home. Uncertain about what route and how long. But, i did know no matter what route taken, i’d arrive no later than 10 minutes early.

With 20 extra minutes of unscheduled time now available, i did extended-stretching for the first time in weeks; this is a 20-minute block devoted to nothing but stretching.

wet bench
No rain, just early-morning November humidity. Sitting on the store promenade, it becomes easily noticed.
7-second video: Groin stretch. To keep t-shirt dry for Spa entry, carried it entire two-mile walk.

After the massage, walked to get flu shot. A nice, easy, six-mile walk.


  • Habitually flexible to roll with the present moment
  • Habitually motivated to move
  • Habitually motivated to be outside
  • Habitually motivated to not use a car

Church is habitually doing things that are good and decent.

In the quiet during the 20-minute unplanned stretch session on the ground, peace joined me. Peace joined me in the walk to the Grocery store pharmacy for the flu shot. Peace joined me on the walk back home.

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