Unscripted and unexpected is a subconscious habit at Disney

Walt Disney World's Casting Center Building
Walt Disney World’s Casting Center Building.


A Disney Magic Moment at Casting
A Disney Magic Moment at The Disney Casting Center, yesterday.


Having fun at the Disney Casting Center
Donna’s husband Doug, having fun as we left the building. It’s easy to become a kid again at Disney.


They truly live to serve others.

Disney Cast Members are simply the very best customer service advocates in the world. The only request yesterday was for a simple, “Happy birthday, Donna” when we arrived.

It started there, but didn’t end there.

The three Disney Cast Members added (on their own) a very enthusiastic, and coordinated birthday welcome.

And while i was distracted by running into (and chatting with) two colleagues from Resort Operations days, the three also surprised Donna with a phone call from Goofy, who wished Donna a happy birthday too.

Unscripted and unexpected equals surprised and delighted.

And while intended for Donna, the ripple effect impacted at least 10 people vicariously.

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