In the back of your mind

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On a 10 scale with 10 as high, how much truth do you want today?

In the back of your mind, be preparing for living in a nursing home.


Not joking.

All the cleaning and purging: recycling, donating, and trashing – all of it is highly motivating, for me, because i’m preparing for worst-case scenario – a nursing home.

i have lived in an assisted-living facility for about 2-3 weeks a year for four years. Simultaneously on these numerous multi-night stays, i spent many hours in the adjacent 24-hour nursing care facility.

You get a small medical bed, a small closet, and half a room. You may or may not have a one-toilet bathroom with no shower in your room, if you are mobile enough to use it independently.

What you can do with half a single nursing home room is sparse at best.

Bottom line, you won’t have much room.

Start downsizing your non-essentials.

If you like to travel and like to travel light, this is the same concept.

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