What does an excellent day look like?

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Simple. Never get bored with the basics. Have a clear, concise, and compelling goal.

What does an excellent day look like?

If someone said to you, “Never get bored with the basics.”, it’s likely to go in one ear and out the other. Why? Daily overwhelm.

First, to be clear, excellence resides closer to controversial and extreme.

  • Balancing (1)mind, (2)body, (3)spirit, (4)work, (5)home
  • Giving substantial energy to all 5 categories
  • Brimming with enthusiasm
  • Constant gratitude
  • Mindful
  • Present

Second, and also to be clear, you have to be controversially and extremely motivated to believe that balance is not a myth and personal vibrancy in all 5 categories is the gateway to balance.

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