All we can do

car accident
Yesterday’s bike ride to the gym. This is where the vehicle was removed and pulled back out onto the road to take away.


car accident
The vehicle came off the road, onto the sidewalk about 100 feet past my bike. My bike marks where the vehicle went off the sidewalk and into the grass.


car accident
The vehicle narrowly missed the fire hydrant and came to rest at the forest’s edge.


missing person poster
Seven miles later and one block from the gym, i passed this poster.


missing person poster
Unimaginable pain (and hope) twelve years later. It’s the same design from 2006, and they were everywhere. But they all faded over the years. This is a fresh poster, less than a month old. i pass this exact spot three times a week.


Horse back riding in residential area
One street away from home, a neighbor on her horse (right).


All we can do is all we can do.

So then the question becomes, “How do we know if we are doing all we can do?”

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