Called an audible

10-second video: Where in the World are you going?
10-second video: Much of the next four miles does not have a sidewalk.
Apple Watch stop watch screen
Made it to SunTrust (now Truist). Have lunch in the backpack. i’m hungry. 🥪
bank document
Been a customer since 1998. A mortgage and a home Equity Loan. No record of that on their end.

Gonna keep this short and sweet.

SunTrust (now Truist, a few months ago) let $40 be more important than a 24-year customer.

The error was no one’s fault, but is was easily fixed.

The Branch Manager (had a scheduled appointment) could not authorize $40. Reminded how awesome marketing can be, and how disconnected operations can be…

From my Truist account before embarking on today’s trek. That third sentence; sounds wonderful.

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