Flawless (music video)


Full of flaws we all are.


Perfectly imperfect.

This past weekend at Mass – when we sat close to the front/center – i felt something powerful.

(i’ve known this for decades, it’s just that it washed over me this time)

The realization that all of us are sinners.

All of us are hypocrites.

And we Christians deserve to be called those things.


Because it’s true.

So true.

My point?

Church isn’t for perfect Christians.

Heck, even some Priests can carry heinous demons.

And in the non-Christian’s name calling and the see, I told you so’s, we Christians can feel intimidated and hypnotically doubtful.


Heck no.

But when we understand that a crucifixion was predestined to make us flawless, perfect in our imperfections, we find peace, contentment, and joy.

And we go to Church to not feel alone (and abandoned) in our unworthiness, not to gloat about what righteous people we are.


• • • • •

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