Be a Disney Leader

Michael Eisner and Frank Wells with Disney Characters
Screen shot from Disney Annual Report? Frank Wells, COO (standing) and Michael Eisner, CEO.

Being a Disney Leader takes behaving admirable from an individual, front-line Cast Member perspective to an exponentially higher level as a leader.

Leading yourself admirably is challenging and important enough.

But leading others lifts your responsibility and accountability into a world-class public reputation spotlight — and microscope.

Ironically, in 2007, was leading the (uncomfortable/scary) conversation about using a new tool called social media.

Specifically “Web-Logs” to feed the Internet with the good news about what Disney Institute is, how Disney Institute works, and why Disney Institute matters to other National and Global businesses.

Web-Log soon thereafter shortened to a new name, Blog.

Blogging caught my eye originally as a “free” way to help Disney Institute grow our business.

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