Merry Christmas 2014 from Mid Life Celebration

Florida Alligator in retention pond


(photo: Yesterday’s hour long run yielded a few quiet, reflective moments with Nature.)

Jesus is not the reason for the season for everyone.

A big part of Love is in accepting others, being kind, giving generosity, remaining hopeful, and being a great example.

Whatever you believe in and however you celebrate it, may it be as good this year as it’s ever been.

From Mid Life Celebration’s Family to yours, Merry Christmas.

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How do we learn to slow down?

Montana wildflowers at Logan Pass


(photo: Wildflowers at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park)

Priorities are difficult to see clearly when we are busy and overwhelmed.

In fact they may become completely invisible.

How do we learn to slow down?


Yesterday, booked a flight to visit two massively special people in Allentown Pennsylvania.

Leaving in two days… for three days and two nights.

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Deep moments but not for everyone at the same time

Father and Son at Lake McDonald 2014)


(photo: final photo from Glacier National Park, July 2014, 4pm)

That moment when you want to go deep in conversation but intentionally share something with a casual tone instead – because in that moment it’s so far away from worrying about. And you don’t want to make the other person overly emotional.

A thing that won’t have potentially profound ramifications until a future date?

Maybe in a week. Maybe not for 30 years. Maybe never.

That moment when it dawns on you that neither person may ever return to a special, favorite, or memorable place.

Driving away from Logan Pass, down along Lake McDonald, was that moment.

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