Without someone to talk to?

Virginia license plate with inspirational message
Yesterday while walking back to car after a coaching session.


Ever feel like you are without someone to talk to?

Technically, this should never be the case.

i’m not here to tell you what to believe in. You need to decide that for yourself.

The message is clear though, whatever you believe in, believe all the way.

If you don’t believe all the way, you really don’t believe.

Think about it.

Best wishes for conviction.

Catch the subtle message in the license plate? Peace begins at home. So does conviction.

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Are we alone when we are alone?

classroom flip chart
Yesterday’s homework assignment’s second part


God doesn’t promise an easy life, He simply promises not having to live it alone, even if you are.

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Just walk away?

Just walk away


What picture instantly comes to mind when you think of what’s at the center of your spiritual beliefs?

Do you see a face or an image from nature, or maybe something mystical. Maybe even nothing at all.

The thing that we get from having a face to associate with is a relationship. One that feels real.

And like any relationship, there are some key basics in order to be remarkably successful.

Never get bored with the basics.


Communication, for example.

If you don’t feel close to Jesus (or whomever you worship, assuming you worship someone or something), guess who moved?

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Playing it safe requires only two things from us

jeff noel  old LinkedIn profile
Loner and loser are often what people think of when someone doesn’t comply


When we play it safe all that’s required is doing something ordinary and expected.

People with great ideas start out as loners.

If your goal is to do something impossible, something you’ve never done, something hard, expect it to be a long time before anyone notices.

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PS. Who’s blessed to have beginner’s luck run in their Family?

The time to prepare is when we don’t need to

The Art of Shaving store at Orlando's Mall at Millenia
The most important art is learning to thrive, and see the future as uncertain


One day we may find ourselves all alone.

And we will actually feel alone at first, and maybe forever. Technically, it should only last for an instant. But if it doesn’t…

There is an antidote.

There is an incomprehensible love that is free and overflowing – so that no one is ever alone. Ever.

Yet having to explain it would generally indicate someone does not yet understand the common sense notion of being prepared.

The time to prepare is when we don’t need to.

Our God is an awesome God.

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