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Stumbled upon this last year on LinkedIn. We’ve earned another amazing business award.

Disney insider experts.

Bob Iger.


My wife.

Not sure where Bob lived in 1989, but my wife and i lived 30 miles south of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

i was working in Resort Special Activities (RSA to everyone in the company).

RSA was a team of 10 Cast Members dedicated to facilitating Walt Disney World experiences for our Company’s very top executives (CEO, COO, CFO, etc) and also our Company’s most important Guests (our Board, celebrities, business icons, political figures).

On this day (today, Jan 29) in 1989 we watched the Challenger launch on TV until it cleared the launch pad and then went outside to watch it climb into space.

And then disaster 73 seconds later.

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Couldn’t Do It

Couldn't Do It
Couldn't Do It

Couldn’t watch TV yesterday.

This isn’t a stretch for me because I rarely watch it anyway.

But I hear about it on Facebook, Twitter and emails.

And it comes as no surprise. Humanity always wants to help during disasters.


Devastation. Suffering.

Faith. Hope.

What good does God do when disaster happens?

You have an answer, right?