Emotional suffering

tree loaded with flower blooms
Spring is in the air. March 6, 2020.
tree loaded with flower blooms
Soon, these trees will be nothing but pink. Stunningly pink. World-class pink. Why? Habit.

Emotional suffering?

When peace is transactional, everyone suffers.

The key here is to do nice things without expectation of something in return.

When your motives are pure and you are at peace with any outcome, you become the example.

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Suffering happens to everyone and can be minimized

Kuwait Towers and Disney characters
Knowing we’d be at some iconic locations, i took the TEDx Talk props to lunch and the podcast location.

At Church yesterday, i can’t recall the Gospel’s main message with clarity.

It revolved around the truth that human suffering is part of our experience and the pathway (my word) to peace, contentment, and an absence of suffering (Heaven).

As we age, we can harness forgiveness, compassion, surrender, and service to others as positive, blessed energy, and activities, to channel and frame our suffering temporary.

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Regret, that we forget, to subject…

Cinderella Castle very early in the morning


(photo: To receive a view like this must take quite an early riser)

Regret, that we forget, to subject…

Ourselves to a higher calling.

One that doesn’t put us at the center.

Like we’ve done most or all of our lives.

Classic notion of it is in the giving we receive.

Run with this and never look back.


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Missing Carter


Ever miss something or someone so much that it takes your breath away?

Not wanting to belabor the point, however, yesterday was tough coming home.

You know what I’m talking about. And I was just grieving the loss of a Pet.

Ever wonder what it must be like to try to recover from the loss of a child, perhaps a teenager who is taken away suddenly and tragically?

Today is dedicated to those Families. If you are one of them, or know a Family like this (we know several), please pray for them with all your heart.

We can very likely assume that they are going through a hell that is impossible to imagine. And a hell that may never go away. Ever.