Ever think like this?

Disney author jeff noel
Writing last night at Magic Kingdom, Day 100. Moments later, the woman in green sat on the step behind me (where the camera sat to take this photo.)


Little did i know the self-timer would catch the 86-year old woman (in green) as i was chronicling Day 100 of an impossible one-year writing challenge.

We spoke for 15 minutes and several times i mentioned i must leave to make the short trip home for dinner with my Family.

Even mentioned having an annual pass to add context for why anyone would leave Magic Kingdom at 7pm on a Friday night.

Later last night, the realization that not once did she ask anything about me.

When we age, do we become self-centered? Do we become lonely?

This brief experience is an opportunity to question ourselves and look in the mirror. Are we more like, or unlike, her?

Does it even matter?


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Our prayers are mostly invisible

Bare Christmas tree


(photo: A bare tree feels awkward to humans. To the forest, it’s perfect.)

Our prayers are mostly invisible.

There’s something about public recognition that is compelling though. Even if we are not present when recognition happens. Is this a general human condition to appreciate and enjoy recognition?

For some, being present during public recognition can be painfully embarrassing.

So when, or if, public recognition happens in a group and we are not present, just knowing that others know makes many of us feel good.

This is why humility is so difficult.

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Regret, that we forget, to subject…

Cinderella Castle very early in the morning


(photo: To receive a view like this must take quite an early riser)

Regret, that we forget, to subject…

Ourselves to a higher calling.

One that doesn’t put us at the center.

Like we’ve done most or all of our lives.

Classic notion of it is in the giving we receive.

Run with this and never look back.


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Selfish prayers and selfless prayers for this week

Pets become sorrowful too
There’s also Clover, who will never see her master again, and always wonder why


Selfish prayers and selfless prayers for this week:

  • selfish for me and tomorrow’s double inguinal hernia repair surgery
  • selfless for our a Mother, Son (13) and Daughter (16), Family, relatives, friends

The personal request pales in comparison.

Medical mistakes do happen. When least expected and under routine conditions.

Figuring the outpatient surgery will allow plenty of time to make it to Mike’s funeral.

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