A picture and a top 10 list are worth 1,000 words

Top 10 Zen list
A few days ago on Facebook.


A picture and a top 10 list are worth 1,000 words. Photo from Facebook.

PS. As CEO of You, Inc, there is no one to blame but the CEO.

The foundational tagline, established in 2008, at jeffnoel.org is:

Surrender • Self-control • Service

Keyword and #1 priority – surrender.




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Give everything to this and you will walk as a free person

Sign outside Super Dome says, Game Changer
Gratitide, for everything, is life’s game changer


Another bfo (blinding flash of the obvious)…

Focus on good, positive things: read, study, write, learn, teach, pray, exercise, rest, play, eat a balanced diet, love, be loved, dream, hope, volunteer, help those less fortunate, be kind, generous, forgive others, work hard, forgive yourself, keep moving forward, and be so grateful for everything (even pain) that your light shines brightly… and give.

It is in the giving that we receive. Giving our thoughts to gratitude, for everything, is freedom.

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