He says it’s getting harder to be honest

Sunday 6pm Mass Palm Sunday
Youth Ministry begins after the 6pm Mass on Sundays.


He is not a fan of Youth Ministry. At all.

We talked about it yesterday at dinner. Then we drove for another Sunday night session.

Suggested that he go into the session pretending he’s going to High School – the focus being on making friends, being friendly, being accepting, having fun.

Let go of feeling like “religion” is the goal.

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The First Ministry

The first ministry starts at home. Not sure where I first heard those words. But they seem to make sense.

How often am I tempted to want to do this helpful thing or volunteer for that important thing? Often, right?

Sometimes, well, I feel like I need to stop, catch my breath, focus for a minute and say the magic word, “No.”

Today is one of those days.

Was feeling guilty until I realized that saying “no” to one thing, means “yes” to my Family.