Then what?

Disney Keynote speaker Jeff Noel
If Jeff can walk from home to your conference, he will offer you another $5,000 discount from his North American retail fee.

Then what?

You have two simple, powerful options:

  1. Decide that the private Keynote gave you everything you need.
  2. Or, ask Jeff for more.

So far so good. How much does this cost to opt in?

Jeff’s North American Keynote fee is $25k.

Wow, that’s a lot for an intimate VIP private keynote.

And, you get Disney’s time-tested, world-class Organizational Vibrancy ‘operational secrets’.

Plus, you get Jeff’s lifetime career Disney and Disney Institute wisdom.

After the private Keynote delivery, if you are good to go, you can stay in touch while you independently begin your work to create, maintain, and improve your own brand of Organizational Vibrancy.

Please know you may exercise an intriguing option, valid for three months from the VIP keynote delivery…

If you want more assistance from Jeff, your next contract will include a $10k credit from your original VIP Keynote fee.

If for example you contracted a 60-minute Disney Customer Service Keynote for your entire organization for $25k, you can create this scenario:

  • $25k minus 20% discount for full payment at contract signing.
  • Jeff applies $10k credit from private keynote:
  • That $25k VIP keynote investment nets to only $10k.
  • Bottom-line: Book a 60-minute Disney Customer Service Keynote, unlimited #people, only $10k.


Oh My Fairy Godmother. For real.

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Be willing to walk away

Pixar Soul toys in mountains
Watched Soul (again) last night. Note: Lake McDonald (right horizon) is 10 miles long, for context.

Be willing to walk away.

You have no defining say in anything you cannot walk away from.

Reminder: never use your ability to walk away to exploit your opportunity.

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No one is as good as

Disney customer service keynote speaker Jeff noel
Took this during today’s sunrise, (November 20, 2021).
November 20, 2021. Sunrise this morning. This video contains the two people quoted below.

No one is as good as they think they are.

Mark, CEO of Mark, Inc.

Most people are powerfully better than they think they are.

jeff, CEO of jeff, Inc.

Conventional wisdom says people are afraid of failure. What if the real fear is fear of success? i think it is.

Bonus note: One reason people might say — “No one is as good as they think they are.” — is because most people spread themselves too thin. The pro who picks a lane and becomes a zealot in that lane… they may be better than busy people credit them.

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There’s always a chance

Jeff Noel business matrix
Common sense without action is soul sucking.
CEO Daily email screen shot
If you cannot inspire them, they are not interested.

There’s always a chance this might happen:

  • You send more than expected, surprising and delighting (wow)
  • You send far too little (bummer)
  • You send the ‘typical’ amount but want more (for free) (yuck)
  • You send ‘typical’ as well as additional to cover extra efforts (yay)

You know what’s cool about having five differently-themed, interconnected website blogs?


Especially being able to paint on a blank canvas every morning.

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The original tagline at jeff

Minnie Mouse at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Not everyone is comfortable with walking away.


The original tagline at jeff from 2008…

Surrender • Self-control • Service

Eight years later, it still rings true.

Whomever can walk away from a deal holds the upper hand when negotiating.

Surrendering a business opportunity instead of fighting desperately to make it work is glorious. It is also humbling. And peaceful.

Walk and act with humility. Even in business.

And, because you have nothing to lose, try some radical approach.




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On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.