What we accept by default becomes our standard.
Play by the rules? Seriously. Who's rules? Sounds fishy to me.

Forgiveness. How powerful is it? My human nature and abundant curiosity has me associate former President Clinton with the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. For goodness sakes, the President and an intern. How is that remotely acceptable?

And yet, we have found the grace and mercy (or maybe we are just numb) to forgive the leader of the United States of America. It seems the good he did outweighed, and still outweighs, the bad. He’s a lucky man.

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President Obama Sobriety

Rarely watching TV, I was captivated the other night when Charlie Gibson was interviewing United States President, Barack Obama, on the ABC Evening News.

The one word that really made me put things into perspective, was a word the President Obama used to describe how the decision to send US troops to Afghanistan was different from other critical US policy decisions.


President Obama spoke of a certain level of sobriety that was needed on that particular decision. He said it was the one decision that was different from all the others. I paraphrase here, to illustrate the magnitude:

“Bailing out the auto industry or the financial system is one thing. But picturing Arlington Cemetery, with a mother, sitting in the rain, in front of a tombstone…..”

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

At dinner last night, a friend reminded me that the day before was the anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor. This came up because I had mentioned that John Lennon was assassinated December 8, 1980.

I can’t explain to you why, but I felt particularly stupid for remembering a rock star milestone, but not an American milestone.

Well, actually, I hadn’t remembered John Lennon’s death. Was reminded of that by a Facebook friend. Anyway, I had a spiritual moment that gently reminded me that the world has always been a tough, uncertain place.

It prompted me to silently, and discreetly, count my blessings and give thanks for what we have today.

From Wikipedia: Despite numerous historical precedents of unannounced military action, the lack of any formal declaration prior to the attack led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to proclaim “December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy”.

And while it’s proper to remember American milestones, it’s even greater to remember another day that will live on forever – Christmas.