Can we see what you see?

All characters are different doors to the same house – the house called the finest in entertainment.

When we talk religions, we always talk about differences.


This is divisive.

Same with political parties.

What if “religion conversations” focused entirely on our similarities?

Same with political conversations.

What if?

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The overwhelming similarity is Love

Orlando Mosque
Same message – an overwhelming message of Love.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help me today to be kind and generous and patient. And help me to be forgiving, and loving. Help me to be a light for others. Help me radiate Your warmth, your compassion and your mercy.

And help me to be Your voice that encourages others to transform their situation.

On Facebook, a friend wrote that “people who tell others that they can do anything are cruel, just visit a rehab facility”.

Some, in that very same rehab facility need to hear that they can transform.

Yes, a difficult balance in messaging versus audience.

What we say may overwhelm some, while for others what we say is the perfect encouragement.

Please help me to understand the difference.





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