Can we see what you see?

All characters are different doors to the same house – the house called the finest in entertainment.

When we talk religions, we always talk about differences.


This is divisive.

Same with political parties.

What if “religion conversations” focused entirely on our similarities?

Same with political conversations.

What if?

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Greater things than these?

American Flag
Recent photo outside our garage.


Greater things than these?

That’s what Jesus said, “Greater things than these shall be done”.

This may be the time we could use some “greater things”.

i vow to do my part.

i may fail and look like a fool or zealot.

Would you die for someone you love more than anything in the world, like your child for example?

And would you change your mind based on their sexuality being LGBT and you had’t known before?

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There Are Many Holidays And Religious Traditions This Time Of Year

A religions holiday is only good if it celebrates Love

How acutely aware are you of the holidays you don’t celebrate? Let’s not be too hard on ourselves for being focused on what we believe, and not so focused on what we don’t. This is human nature, neither good or bad. And once we understand every religious holiday is steeped in love, family, service, and good, the differences don’t divide, they complement.

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