Thank a Veteran (thank all Veterans)

A long video (8 mins) and i’m not recommending you watch it. Including it only for those so inclined. In 30 days, this will go live on December 10. As i write this – on Veterans Day November 10 – most are decently aware.

But in 30 days, we’ll have too many distractions to spend much time thinking about our Freedom and how it’s earned, and who earns it for us.



Thank a Veteran for the freedom you enjoy.

Thank all the Veterans.

For all the Freedoms.

Freedoms so vast, we take them for granted.

Update Dec 10, 5:50am: Watched the video a month ago when i wrote this post. Watched again just now. Also watched the two videos on the right column (laptop view) (on a phone those two videos are near the very bottom).

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