Coach Carter RIP 2010

Have role models who taught you great life lessons? Any of them been pets?

Coach Carter” RIP. Carter was our second Lab. Life is hard. Life is good.

A short You Tube video tribute beside his grave, where I buried him on Valentine’s day morning, 2010:



Mind, body, spirit, so let’s give a moment to think about our work today, punch in here.


Overcome Last Night

In bed early last night, with the alarm set for 3:30AM. Occasionally, if I’m the first in bed, I’ll use headphones to listen to something inspiring to fall asleep to.

Awoke to the end of a song that overwhelmed me in it’s beauty. It reminded me why Christmas is so important.

While most of you are just too insanely busy to watch and listen, this post is offered with the hopeful reality that you can find that solitude we spoke of yesterday. And listen.

The people (some may be bloggers) who nag you are the ones who love you. Worry when they stop.

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Sunday’s In August

If you follow all five blogs, you know that Sundays in August are earmarked for short You Tube videos I’ve shot.

This is the first Spirit themed video from May 17, 2009.

Do you ever get the chance to look back in time, for laughs, for posterity, for memories?

Our Church community friends lost their beloved daughter, and were advertising a dinner gala, featuring Lou Holtz, to raise money for the foundation they established in their daughter’s memory.

Mine was an unplanned attempt to do something, however small, to help their cause.

Mother Teresa reminds us that if you can’t do great things, do small things with great Love.

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There’s Got To Be More To Life

Patrick Henry Hughes & His Dad
Patrick Henry Hughes & His Dad

Patrick Henry Hughes was born without eyes, legs that don’t work and arms that barely work. Imagine his parents surprise and subsequent life challenges. Imagine Patrick’s life challenges.

Imagine your own.

Debbie, our dearly beloved colleague and friend, we miss you already and we don’t understand why you had to leave so soon.

I hope we all meet again on “the other side”. Offering this personal video I shot during Easter as a final tribute to your final destination, wherever that might be.