Cultural Customer Service Blueprints Implementation Plan

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Let’s review the suggested cultural blueprints implementation plan.

The Building owner is the CEO.

Deliverables from Leader Champions are doors, windows, stairs, closets, etc.

Crucial note:  Every employee, at every level, must explicitly understand the four critical service building blocks.

The Bullseye: Wow. Exceed expectations, pay attention to details. Extra inch versus extra mile.

360 Analysis:  Needs, wants, stereotypes, emotions.

Unifying Goal: Purpose versus task. Discretionary effort.

Decision Tree: Prioritized decision-making matrix. Non-negotiable, famous for, business need.

All collaborative efforts by executive leaders and the cross-functional teams should revolve around simple, focused, energetic, creative, visionary, and scalable outcomes – blueprints for an organizationally vibrant culture.


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