GNP Day 22, spiritually

Suitcase and boxes
Friends graciously allow us to leave a few things for our return in three weeks.

Favorite thing was that everyone got to see all the big animals, especially a Wolverine.

Moose, Bear (and cubs), Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Hoary Marmot, Columbian Ground Squirrel (everywhere), and a super-duper rare Wolverine.

Most grateful for nine people carving out a week to spend together.


  1. Fav thing: caterpillar (wolverine)
  2. Most thankful/grateful for: in a busy world, coming together for a week
  3. Fav moment(s): Francesca jumping in, Skylar jumping from bridge, Renato hiking in swim trunks, Brett overcoming blister to reach Pass. Chapin, Skylar and Renato friendship is the only reason the whole thing works.

Note: Other than the Moose and Wolverine, we saw multiples of all animals, including Bear Cubs.

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