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Glacier Park Lodge lobby table
Perspective on that famous log table. Dining hall in background.


Glacier Park Lodge employee
Returning the metal room key, i discovered a fellow Cast Member, Bonnie, and we have a good friend in common, Jeff Williford.


Glacier Park Lodge sign
It’s a Small World after all. “The big tree hotel”.


Glacier entrance sign
College buddy and his wife were visiting on a separate vacation – we met up at Glacier Park Lodge at 7:30am yesterday. They drove over from Whitefish.


A rational person can find peace by cultivating indifference to things outside of their control. – unknown


Yesterday’s (and this morning’s) weather is unseasonably cold.

The great news is the region is desperate for rain to combat multiple fires.

As i type this (and you’ll see tomorrow), there is snow on every peak around. Today is August 27, not January 27.


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