Trust your gut (squared)

Twenty steps from Nell’s front door.
Something told me to walk outside after ordering breakfast. Upon reentering Nell’s i told Nana (hostess) to go take a look. She was so grateful.
Turned 180 degrees to see Mt. Wilbur ablaze.
Tree double as umbrellas.
You can walk around puddles but you can’t stop the slow up-splash from walking fast.
There’s only so much straddling water that you can do.
Almost an hour of the 140-minute hike was spent under a pine tree.

Trust your gut, squared.

First, order the iPhone 11 the minute it goes on sale and worry about delivery later.

Second, walk out into the parking lot and look East.

Third, turn around 180 degrees.

Fourth, call off the early afternoon hike after 90 minutes – which included waiting under a tree for nearly an hour for the rain to stop.

•  •  •  •  •

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