You can feel the difference

jeff noel and Swiftcurrent Motor Inn staff at Nell's restaurant
Two Swiftcurrent employees at Nell’s restaurant, Enol (Spain) and Nana (Japan). Saw them everyday. They felt like a temporary Family. Nell’s had the best wifi connection.

You can feel the difference when a season is coming to an end. 

The “grocery” store in St. Mary has plenty of alcohol, candy, and processed snacks. Healthy, unprocessed foods are no longer available as the season is about to end.

The staff seem so ready to return to civilization or move on to their next adventure. A natural flow of seasonal emotions.

Seasonal work always starts with the honeymoon phase and ends with decent drudgery accentuated by the anticipation of the next honeymoon. 

Find your joy in over-focusing on little things that are scalable daily. 

See if you can sustain the honeymoon all season. 

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