May we all be so privileged

John Zubek Allentown
John Zubek’s wife, my Mother-In-Law Margaret Zubek, began her journey last night at 6:30pm to reunite with “Johnny”. They were married for 60 years.


October 30, 2017.

November 5, 2017.

Six days separated their Earthy life.

May we all be so lucky.

God granted me and Cheryl the distinct privilege to be with Margaret as she took her final breath.

To me, death, especially from “old age”, is a gift.

To personally witness death’s intimacy is one of life’s great miracles.

Even in birth there can be complications and struggles.

Same with death.

Birth is supposed to be joyous.

Why would death be any different?

Live (and die) like you mean it.

• • • • •

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