We resist and fear change automatically

Homeowner meeting
Controversy and fear of change. Vacant land near our community has most people worried about change.


Lake Mable
Looking across the lake we share with Walt Disney World.


Four Seasons at Walt Disney World
Four Seasons at Walt Disney World on the other side.


Sundays are a traditional “church-day” for many Americans.

Yet there’s decent media coverage that church attendance is declining.

Lots of “justifiable reasons” for only going to Church on Easter and Christmas Sundays.

We didn’t go yesterday.


“Justifiable reasons”.

Which leads me here…

We resist and fear change automatically.

The change that has engulfed our 70-acre neighborhood the past decade is best described as an urban-growth tsunami.

Similar to what New York City looked like before Christopher Columbus discovered America and what it looks like now.

In a 15-mile by two-mile north-to-south corridor along State Road 535, there was nothing here but wilderness.

It has all been aggressively developed.

No more open space.

But there is one spot that is sparsely populated.

We are in a rare 200-acre part of Orange County that has homes zoned from one home per two acres to one per 10-acres.

There’s pressure to change this.


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