We resist and fear change automatically

Homeowner meeting
Controversy and fear of change. Vacant land near our community has most people worried about change.


Lake Mable
Looking across the lake we share with Walt Disney World.


Four Seasons at Walt Disney World
Four Seasons at Walt Disney World on the other side.


Sundays are a traditional “church-day” for many Americans.

Yet there’s decent media coverage that church attendance is declining.

Lots of “justifiable reasons” for only going to Church on Easter and Christmas Sundays.

We didn’t go yesterday.


“Justifiable reasons”.

Which leads me here…

We resist and fear change automatically.

The change that has engulfed our 70-acre neighborhood the past decade is best described as an urban-growth tsunami.

Similar to what New York City looked like before Christopher Columbus discovered America and what it looks like now.

In a 15-mile by two-mile north-to-south corridor along State Road 535, there was nothing here but wilderness.

It has all been aggressively developed.

No more open space.

But there is one spot that is sparsely populated.

We are in a rare 200-acre part of Orange County that has homes zoned from one home per two acres to one per 10-acres.

There’s pressure to change this.


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Transparency can be incredibly easy

Business meeting notes
Notes from yesterday’s (a Sunday) meeting.


Transparency can be incredibly easy, whether you want it to be or not.

i want it to be.

Notes from yesterday’s meeting, posted publicly for posterity.

The Internet ensures there are no secrets.

Do the right things for the right reasons, and never do anything you wouldn’t want to be public knowledge.

Simple prayer: Live your life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about you, no one would believe it.





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Not everyone wanted to be there

Orlando classroom


Orlando Baby Boomer Speakers


The whole thing started because she generously and compassionately gave up her seat at the table.

We sat at the table, close to 20 of us, for the Disney retirement services overview. Some of us have already retired. For others it will happen next week or the week after.

Her job, and the colleague (34 years of Disney service) with her were retiring because her department was being permanently closed. There were no internal options.

She will see things she’s never seen before. Like a caterpillar waiting.

She provided a quick tour of her work location since it was in the same building as the meeting. Mid Life Celebration, the book, is something she said she wants to read. If she doesn’t buy it in 72 hours, it will never happen.

A metaphor for life, no?

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Biggest turnout in anyone’s memory…

Royal Ranch Estates Homeowner's Association meeting Feb 23, 2014
Biggest turnout in anyone’s memory


Everyone was praying (or whatever their equivalent is) that the new neighbors will be good and decent people.

Odds are very, very high.

Yet many worry about change and the unknown.

A natural, human feeling.

The more years we live, the more we learn to let go of – all that stuff we now fully realize is uncontrollable.

(decent chance the new folks’ net worth is a billion dollars)

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