Remember all the American flags back in the day?

American Flag in Gold's Gym parking lot.
American Flag in Gold’s Gym parking lot, yesterday.


Orlando Gold's Gym parking lot
Spent a few minutes talking with those guys about their flag hanging from their truck


Today is Saturday of the 2015 Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday (Friday) walking to my car after a Gold’s Gym workout, a pickup truck pulls in next to me.

Approached the driver asking about the flag. Thanked him for his American pride.

God bless America.

God bless everyone who actively supports and enlists because of the notion that freedom and justice are worth dying for.

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Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse

Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse

So easy to believe in Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse, isn’t it? Most American Baby Boomers have grown up loving Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney and everything The Disney Company stands for. Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel works desperately hard to love Faith, Hope and Love, God and Jesus disproportionately more.

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National Anthem Makes You Cry

This rendition of our National Anthem deserves your attention.

Why? Because five little girls will make your heart stop and tears flow, but only if you appreciate being an American Citizen and only if you have a great spirit of Love:

Enjoy your Freedom today. Many years ago, people came to our Country with a dream. Thank you, five young ladies, for reminding us.