Dear Son, Trust Is Everything

Dear Son, trust is everything. Rare. Priceless really. You must extend it if you wish to receive it – beware that you may not get it in return. Just a fact of life.

Lets assume you work for an organization under current usual and customary paradigms. If your organization can not guarantee you will always work there (and they can’t), what’s the smart Plan B option?

Exactly. And pursue your Plan B with the highest level of integrity. Act so you never have to look over your shoulder, because you never took a shortcut.

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In Everything, Give…

In everything, give thanks. Every day.

I’m thankful:

  • for being insanely busy
  • for writing five daily blogs
  • for traveling without my family
  • for having writer’s block

Saying it, and not meaning it, is the worst example we can set for people looking to us for a role model. For someone who wants to believe that sacred words and thoughts are more than just words or thoughts.

People are looking for someone who walks the talk, as we say in America. Someone who practices what they preach.

I keep looking for that person in the mirror. Still coming up short. And I’m thankful for that too. I’m also thankful that I keep trying, and after 50 years, still have not given up.