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peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich
Not your typical honeymoon meal. The marshmallows are left over from the group campfire and Smores extravaganza on one of Washington State’s San Juan Islands. Peanut butter transferred to lighter plastic container from the original glass jar.

For the next 30 days before you go to bed, can you write a note to yourself about what you are thankful for?

Keep these 30 notes safe and reread them whenever you want.

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How thankful is reasonable?

Oh my gosh, that’s a thankful bear…

fun competition

Jack (the bear) saw it all firsthand, best seats in the stadium…

finish line

This young lady is 93-years young… try telling her she’s too old to compete (and have fun)…

senior athletics

Her competitor was a youngster at 85… staying healthy is way more than glamour…

senior athletics

How thankful is reasonable? Can’t say anyone’s ever asked before. But after yesterday, it would seem that every single day that we are able to do the things we are able to do, well, is extra ordinary!

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Life Savings Disappeared, Poof

But We Got A Window Washer In Exchange
But We Got A Window Washer In Exchange


Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll begin this Thanksgiving morning as we have for 11 years, delivering Food For Families. It’s a Christmas and Easter tradition as well.

Finding symbolic ways to create strategic traditions, to teach life lessons.

Without the repetition, the teaching, and the lesson, may get lost.

Adults need strategic traditions to teach the profoundly simple lesson that life is about two simple choices – to be thankful for everything, or to not be.

We were very sorry to see our life savings disappear.

But we are very thankful we had a life savings to spend.

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