Wanna pray?

Beach sunflower.

Wanna pray, or write?

For some possessed souls, writing is praying.



i think about all the writing that has been transcribed from my head and heart onto a WordPress admin screen.

It’s incomprehensible.

(Since 1999, 20,000 posts and counting)

It begs questions like, why, for whom, for how long, and how do you keep from running out of ideas or desire?

The quick, easy answer is, i don’t know.

Perhaps i’m just a writing-mule slogging through the days as the earth circles our sun.

Perhaps a lucky mule that is accompanied by fairies or wisps or some other divine or cosmic intervention.

This TED is partially to credit for some of this post.

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How thankful is reasonable?

Oh my gosh, that’s a thankful bear…

fun competition

Jack (the bear) saw it all firsthand, best seats in the stadium…

finish line

This young lady is 93-years young… try telling her she’s too old to compete (and have fun)…

senior athletics

Her competitor was a youngster at 85… staying healthy is way more than glamour…

senior athletics

How thankful is reasonable? Can’t say anyone’s ever asked before. But after yesterday, it would seem that every single day that we are able to do the things we are able to do, well, is extra ordinary!

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Dear Son, How To Resist Temptation?

Let bright stadium lights keep your conscious illuminated.

Dear Son, temptation is here to stay. Your job is to find as many ways to defeat temptation as there are ways to be tempted.

Hint: Work desperately hard to avoid people and things that soften your resolve to do the right thing. Untrustworthy people, drugs and alcohol are some of the big ones.

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Why Become A Prolific Blogger?

At the end of the day, we’re all simply doing the basics, trying to be a good parent, spouse, partner…

From personal experience, I don’t believe people set out to become prolific bloggers or anything else that’s prolific, famous or extraordinary.

Not at first. Michael Phelps, the world’s fastest swimmer, probably started swimming simply because he enjoyed it, and then discovered he was good at it.

Does a Pope set His sights on becoming the Pope?

We all discover things we like to do and the more we do them, the better we get. But who could have ever predicted nearly 4,000 blog posts in just two years?

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