Stewardship On a Billboard?

Passing through Atlanta airport the other day, and a hallway billboard caught my eye. It wasn’t Jane Goddall or the chimp that made me want to stop and look, it was the word – STEWARDSHIP – that did it.

If you visit, and don’t know, there are four other blogs I write daily. Over on the upper right corner is Blogroll, which has a one click function to the others.

Anyway, it dawned on me, humbly if I might add, there aren’t too many five-a-day bloggers, so it’s a working name for now.

Five-a-day blogger.

Sounds funny. And crazy. And slightly boastful. Oh well, my apologies.

So here’s another crazy thing, in writing this post, it dawned on me that I should mention, just yesterday, I coined also myself the “One-take-You Tube video” guy.

Back to today’s story on Stewardship. Here’s the one-take-You Tube video, as a result of stopping to pause: