International World Peace Day 2016

Windermere Prep visitor parking
Visitor parking.


International Peace Day 2016
International Peace Day 2016 was yesterday. High School students used pin wheels to create this.


International Peace Day 2016
Yesterday at Windermere Prep.


Yesterday was International World Peace Day 2016 and today is the Autumnal Equinox. One special day after the other.

Please help me savor this.


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Look Around

Not Orlando
Not Orlando

If you look around and pause long enough to contemplate the natural beauty surrounding you, and you might be amazed at the wonderful, and diverse, thoughts of where it all comes from.

But the often overlooked key is the looking around part. And, um, the pausing part too.

Good luck with that today.

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Look Around

Disabled Parking Signs?
Disabled Parking Signs?

When was the last time you stopped your busy routine and made a conscious effort to look around at the simple things?

If you’re like me, it’s probably been too long.

Our son and I were leaving the Apple store the other day and I noticed this:

A Reminder From God?
A Reminder From God?

Stewardship On a Billboard?

Passing through Atlanta airport the other day, and a hallway billboard caught my eye. It wasn’t Jane Goddall or the chimp that made me want to stop and look, it was the word – STEWARDSHIP – that did it.

If you visit, and don’t know, there are four other blogs I write daily. Over on the upper right corner is Blogroll, which has a one click function to the others.

Anyway, it dawned on me, humbly if I might add, there aren’t too many five-a-day bloggers, so it’s a working name for now.

Five-a-day blogger.

Sounds funny. And crazy. And slightly boastful. Oh well, my apologies.

So here’s another crazy thing, in writing this post, it dawned on me that I should mention, just yesterday, I coined also myself the “One-take-You Tube video” guy.

Back to today’s story on Stewardship. Here’s the one-take-You Tube video, as a result of stopping to pause: